Company history

Founded in 2012, we focus on developing innovative enzyme based solutions for Oils and Fats Processing.

We have close to 25 years of experience in technically focused sales of enzymes in the Food Industry, along with 15 years of  experience in enzyme sales in the Oils & Fats Industry. Building upon this foundation, we now proudly have a high level of recognition in the market. This industrial experience also gives us unique technical strength which we draw on to strive to continue developing and implementing new and improved enzyme based solutions.

Company’s Mission Statement

We want to bring customer and market centred innovation into the Food and Fats & Oil processing industries. We also want to create a place for bright talent to come, create value, and grow in a holistic manner.

We make sure to continually adopt the best practices so we can provide the solutions you need, in the right manner.


We are a small team comprising:

Dr. Javvadi Sambasivarao

Founder and Managing Director

Dr. Sandeep Chaudhary

R&D – Lead Reasearcher

Sai Teja Javvadi

General Manager, Administrator

Archana Ashok

R&D – Researcher

Melita Sequeira

R&D – Researcher